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Purported: US "False Flag" Invasion RE Confirmed Alien Aircraft Fly-Overs

Someone involved in producing this 6+ min. version of the original 3+ min. interview by Australia's MSN, has added a fear factor by inferring that the U.S. Marines sent there could be a sign of a possible alien planetary "invasion" in Australia.  Further, there is a possibility that the U.S. administration may have a part in attempting to prevent Americans from knowing about the alien planetary fly-overs, because at some point they would not want the Americans to have the opportunity to interact with the alien star world people.  There is a suggestion from information in the video, that both scenarios may become entirely separate "false flag" covert actions upon free people internationally, with entirely different effects.  Problematic or pragmatic?

Let's take a new look at this video published April 8, 2012.  From the Video Introduction presented at YouTube (6:36 min.) :
"IT'S OFFICIAL: A member of the U.S. Air Command [Professor Paul Springer] with special clearance of White House, spoke earlier this Sunday, during an interview apparently aired only by Australian MSM, about the official plans of the U.S. military to fight a hostile alien invasion. Take in mind that TPTB are building a mega radio-telescope in Australia and New Zealand, for detecting an alien invasion...."
First, the voice-over uses the term "false flag" invasion in this long version with additional images added to the original 3+ min. interview with Professor Paul Springer (url below). False flag refers to some covert or hidden mission, usually operating under the flag of a foreign nation for the purposes of deceiving the public and/or the enemy in some way. This has been an ops practice for centuries, even millennia, by military forces both in peace as well as in wartime. Nothing new here concerning the U.S. involvement in Australia, reported now to be preparing U.S. Marines for any possible alien planetary invasion.

The U.S. is a joint partner in the project of developing the powerful telescopes now established and working the skies over planet Earth from Australia. The telescopes were designed for the primary purpose of surveilling alien, other planetary aircraft flying over the Earth.

As a result, multiple alien planetary aircraft were confirmed, they are here in the Earth's airspace. No longer is the question of the existence of alien star world people considered to be fantasy or merely a theory. We know for certain that indeed, other planets have intelligent, individual citizen people. Indeed, who are these "star people"?

One does wonder why the development of this Australian, huge mega-radio telescope project was reported mostly in Australia, and now it has been announced that thousands of U.S. Marines were sent there. However, if this interview with Professor Springer of the national war college appeared on the MSN network in Australia, why was it not also reported by the U.S. MSN network? Afterall, the Professor had to get security clearance specifically to participate in this Australian MSN interview.

That said, there is reason to be concerned why the voice-over tags the Australian-American alien aircraft telescope project as a "false flag" covert project. The producers of the long version discussing the Springer interview, either simply do not accept there is real evidence of star world aliens at all. Or they know indeed the aliens are here, and the voice-over at the end of the video indicates the U.S. government may have in mind to prevent Americans from having personal contact with the alien planetary people, because, as it states, it would possibly threaten the New World Order plan, which free people consider as a manipulated, eventual, fully fascist enslavement of humanity. Indeed, such a statement suggests that the producers of the long version of the Springer interview released "Easter Sunday", might believe that the planetary aliens may come in peace, perhaps more to prepare for their own intent to preserve and further enable the free world to further develop on Earth.

Knowing what the telescopes have filmed of alien aircraft, then, listening to Professor Springer in his own words, without knowing much about the alien star people, it would be certainly a logical step to prepare our U.S. Marines for a possible invasion, in the event it should become necessary. But indeed as the voice over indicates at the end of the video, is there possibly a more sinister purpose in special training for our Marines about the alien capacity on our planet? Does it have to do with the New World Order plan for Earth people indeed....

One statement made by Springer may be most significant, indicating the government intention is indeed to get to the bottom of why the star people are here. He notes very pointedly and astutely, there may be possible "doctrinal or technological" matters involved in determining the reasons for alien aircraft over the Earth. Perhaps we shall learn that the government already has an idea somehow that they come in peace, because of Springer's reference to "doctrinal" matters as a possibility. "Doctrinal" or primary form, "doctrine" suggests a potential of a deeply spiritual-political foundation concerning the purpose of our star world visitors on planet Earth.

As it stands now, we must accept the word of our U.S. military war college training representative, Professor Springer, and continue to pay attention to other new developments at the same time. What is their purpose indeed? Are they here as friends or enemies of the nations of the earth? Are they here to protect the free peoples of the Earth.... Until we know why alien star people are here, it is too soon to conclude that the U.S. Marines landing in Australia, signals a "covert" operation coming "in Australia" that could be characterized as "false flag".

As informative background concerning the reality we now have, of the presence of intelligent beings on other planets, below is a brief explanation of history concerning aliens on ancient planet Earth.

Ancient Evidence of Planetary Aliens on Earth

The mainstream media (MSM) in America and in Europe has so far remained mum on many matters that citizens of free nations should know, indeed "need to know" from their news reports.  This issue of other planetary aliens in our midst is one that is only now becoming a real life matter for us all as earth beings.  It is one of which most citizens of Earth are either unaware, or they simply do not believe it's possible there are alien planetary beings visiting Earth. 

We all must learn more about intelligent star-world people, because archaeological evidence has known for a very long time, of ancient astronauts in human form, going back to ancient tribal people who still lived in caves and huts, hunting for nuts and berries and wild meat when they could get it.  We can ask, did aliens then do Earth humans any intentional, enemy harm?  The written records have indicated alien star people were not primarily "enemies" of humans.  Human star world people of human from on ancient planet earth certainly were not considered "evil" as a people, toward Earth people; however, the "greys" with oval heads and bulbous black eyes are recorded as being very dangerous; they specifically are known even from modern empirical evidence to abduct selected humans and perform scientific experiments on them.  There is recorded history of an actual star world battle elsewhere in our galaxy, of "good" vs. "evil" people, which eventually led to the time of King Marduk of ancient Sumeria, after the colonization was finished on Earth and the leaders left the planet. In the past year, reports have increased significantly of "extraterrestrial spaceships" flying over Earth, some identified as "Gootans", others as "Keebles".  The question is, "are they friends or enemies?"

Concerning ancient colonization of Earth, ancient cuneiform records and images describing "alien gods" in human form coming to earth, were salvaged, transliterated and studied carefully in the 20th Century especially, by scientists, language experts, and collectors.  Significant artifacts were carbon dated to ancient Sumeria, the first known civilization established even before the nation of Egypt.  Let this be a first acknowledgment of an authoritative acceptance now of the Austrailian-American telecope project's confirmed reality of existing intelligent life on other planets, then.  Many uninformed people now must also become aware that "we are not alone," and star world people have known of us on Earth, perhaps since before Sumeria.  The Australian-American telescope project has confirmed the reality once and for all, to the point now where America is currently training Marines in Australia for some related role.


Highly intelligent decisions must be made--not only by unknown elected and duly appointed government officials, but with the knowledge and understanding of the citizens who should also be prepared and properly informed about the real presence of alien star people.  As well, we do not want this project in Australia to be in danger of becoming a "false flag" operation that, instead, places free nation citizens at risk in any way, especially those nations who traditionally protect other nations in need of our aid and comfort.  That is, citizens should be watching very carefully to determine whether this justifiable planetary alien aircraft project might possibly become after all, some unique excuse for actions taken against Americans and citizens of other free nations.  Especially, in America there is a danger of the violation of individual Constitutional protections, such as "martial law" would impose, and this is another fear conspiracy that has been batted about by Internet users over the past few years. Indeed, this fear may become fully justifiable, in that the alien watcher telescope project has been kept out of the news, and known almost exclusively by scientific and government experts.

"It is best to be prepared for anything,"  Professor Paul Springer said clearly in his Australian MSN interview.  Time for all of us to get real now! Citizens need to know.

In any case, America and Australia must be very careful of NOT mistakenly "alienating" potential friends of our star world galaxy--while sorting out the good from the bad and otherwise "very ugly".   Both the good and bad factors are acknowledged--and for now, at least, the proper communication is absent for experts and citizens who are intent on confirming anything for certain, either way, for now.  We need further study on this issue, now that it is officially and publicly known, that there IS confirmation of alien planetary aircraft flying over Earth. 

Linda Santucci
April 14, 2012


If you have never heard about ancient star world people on Earth, this is excellent in providing some key evidence:  Klaus Dona : The Hidden History of the Human Race (March 2010)

Original 3+ min. Interview Video:

Reference, also included w/the top 6+ min. version, YouTube posting:


Unknown said...

Because there is a report about alien spaceship activity on earth in 2011, I will post some of the reasonable reports here. I have no intention of beginning an "alien" discussion on conspiracies. Only to questions of sorting out what needs knowing for now, comments here will be restricted to a factual basis.

Dr. Susan Begley, said to be with the U.N. has been quoted at the below link:

'Dr. Susan Begley of the U.N. Panel spoke exclusively with WWN about the incident.

“We believe the Gootans have a two-year plan to launch an attack against humans on Earth. We estimate over 10,000 Gootans are already spread out around Earth and will soon be joined by over 100,000 more. We want to assure all citizens that we at the U.N. are preparing our a strong Gootan Defense System and are confident that we can protect the planet from this alien invasion."... Over the last four months there have been numerous sightings of “UFOs” and other unexplained activity in China, Korea, Viet Nam, Thailand and Russia....Over the last four months there have been numerous sightings of “UFOs” and other unexplained activity in China, Korea, Viet Nam, Thailand and Russia. “It’s all the Gootans,” said Dr. Begley. “It would be a tragedy if the North Koreans shot at the Zeebans,” said Dr. Begley. ”We need the Zeebans to help us defend the planet.” VIDEO included, of spaceship from passenger plane.

Unknown said...

We must be careful of reports about "who" is here to protect Earth citizens, and who is not, until further researched and analyzed. The UN involvement is highly suspect, when there is NO reporting in the U.S. media about these alien fly-overs, and landings made over time passed. The producers of the video concerned with the blog above, believe there is a "false flag" issue involved concerning aliens, and now it is further complicated by the question of which alien representation are enemies of citizens of the Earth: Gootans or Keebles. The U.N. and U.S. government officals have an obligation to run any questions like this through the U.S. Congress who represent The People. No to do so, makes arbitrary involvement and decisions by the U.S. with the UN, Unconstitutional, and such actions would be considered treason against America and its citizens, i.e. Again, we need to know more about what's behind these reports, and where U.S. funding and military power is to be applied. WE need more information about this matter of extraterrestrials, star world people that so far is NOT reported in free world USA, including the story on MSN Australia, that was not reported in MSN America....

Note: The Korea Times report of RE this incident is here: