Sunday, April 15, 2012

America, The People: Choosing Individual Change We Can Believe In

Kyle Ebersole published this article on April 12, 2012, at Conservative Action Alerts:
"Individualism as an American Tradition".

I highly recommend it, because he did the research, and the words of others from the past, helps people to see the way and means to return to the way of thinking that made America truly great in the first place.  Please read his article at: 

Here below is just one of the fine quotes he provided in his article, to give you an idea why I am recommending it now.  From a past Kansas Governor:
' “We were able, I believe, to do a reasonably good job of local government. In meeting and solving our problems we looked to the state government very little and to the national government not at all. The citizens of the county knew who their elected officers were. They came and talked with us frequently. We knew their difficulties. We dealt with them across the desk, over the counter, and sometimes down at the corner drug store. They had definite opinions about the affairs of the county. They spoke their minds freely and they registered their approval and disapproval directly at the polls on the second Tuesday of the next November. There was no doubt and no uncertainty about it. 
'“Now, that has been a matter of only about twenty years — a short time indeed in the history of people. But in that twenty years there has taken place a most astonishing change.... There is scarcely a problem presented to the county officials of today which is not either directly or indirectly involved with implications and issues related occasionally to state, but more often to Federal, regulation....'' 
Continue reading the past Kansas Governor's quote and Ebersole's entire article on the issue of American individual independence.  It demonstrates the Change that came to America through the error of federal government insinuating itself into the individual lives of citizens, violating State sovereignty and Local government independence of The People.

Personally, I would state differently, that individualism is far more than a tradition.  It has been the Law of The Land since the founding philosophers wrote out the Declaration of Independence and other founding documents, including The Federalist Papers, complete with all the debates over every detail of what later was written into the U.S. Constitution.  The Constitution was designed by founding philosophers most specifically to protect the individual American citizen from the tyranny of government.  The separation of powers among the three branches of the federal government, extends as well to the separation of other powers with checks and balances of the government, all the way down to the State and Local levels.  The democratic process of, by, and for The People begins right were they live.  In effect, The People were designed to BE the very foundation of all America, given by the U.S. Constitution,  their own separate individual powers of Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness over their citizen lives vs. any other potential tyranny by either the Federal, State, or the Local governments. 

In this manner, The People function independently in their freedom to choose and live freely, so long as others' Constitutional protections are not violated.  Citizens are FREE even to making their own mistakes and correcting them through their own steam, and the power of others who also may choose independently to come to their aid.  The People especially were given Constitutional powers and the means to take care of themselves in the event any government official or government body, through any policies of government at any level, might attempt to limit unlawfully their Constitutionally protected rights as citizen individuals.  The U.S. Constitution makes The People equal participants in the making of choices and decisions by Federal and State governments, particularly where the U.S. Constitution specifically limits their power over or in the lives of individual citizens.... 

It is very clear to see the methods and nature of government actions that have been taken throughout America at every level today following all those decades since the 1930 Wilson years.  Particularly, those who would entirely reject Constitutional restrictions upon the federal government in Constitutional Law and ignore the Law while doing what they choose to do even as mere representatives of The People, have demonstrated over and again that indeed, they have had another plan in operation.  They have inch-wormed their way over the decades to a point now of virtual open tyranny against the individual American citizen--at every level of individuals' personal and private lives.

Known as "Progressives" all through the decades, they are now recognized more and more as fascist thinkers bluntly, with behavioral intent to make the U.S. Constitution irrelevant, and therefore take over America.  The results of their decades of undercutting Constitutional powers that would limit their ability to ignore Constitutional Law, eventually would have America fully functioning at the very worst, outside the prescribed Constitutional protections of the individual citizen.  That is, if not stopped by other Constitutional provisions, either in the House of Representatives in Congress or by other Constitutional means necessary.  If not stopped, the net result would be that they would also find a way to discard the U.S. Constitution entirely, and replace it with an entirely different government system where America could be governed legally and tyrannically by the few....  Where does this end?  National Election 2012?  We'll see soon enough.

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