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Peter Ferrara: Worst USA Recession Since Great Depression

The below video (6:01 min.) was sent to Republican voters this week. It is a detailed presentation by Senior Public Advisor, Peter Ferrara, for Speaker Newt Gingrich’s GOP 2012 Presidential Campaign.  All Americans should hear it as a matter of record in knowing about the economic failure of the Obama Administration, before making up our minds as a Nation.  Those who will be going to the polls to cast the remaining, decisive votes in the GOP Primary Elections especially need to see this video.

As I read the introduction letter from Vince Haley, Campaign Manager, I was once again deeply troubled remembering the most outrageous, false attack upon a great American that I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

It was a terrible most unfair and dishonest smear campaign against Gingrich, beginning in 1995 when he was Speaker of the House.  Today the knife in his back since 1995 has been twisted sharply, going for blood—especially with two other leading candidates, Santorum and Romney.  First it was Santorum in the South Carolina Debate, and then Mitt Romney in the next debate for the Florida Primary.  Newt Gingrich was ambushed with an already resolved case of false accusations by the Ethics Committee in 1995, resulting in shear gentlemanly acquiescence in resigning, which had been the traditional practice in Washington—to keep the peace so elected officials could get on with the work of The People. 

The lie of Congress in 1995-96 had been realized since the late 1990s, but too late after Gingrich resigned and went back to his private career as a college professor, who later additionally started his own publishing business. Newt's Congressional Record as Speaker of the House was excellent pristinely,  uniquely when compared with any other Speaker of the House in modern times.  He himself has been addressing issues very clearly throughout his 2012 campaign, and also other old political friends no longer in office, have been shouting the details of his talent, his integrity, and his fierce fighting spirit, in an effort to help reverse the damage caused by simply falsely accusing him after 1995.

In the Florida GOP Primary Debate, Romney stated a lie about that list of accusations with the same forceful emphasis Santorum had used in South Carolina--as though their statements were true. Santorum shouted, “WE Threw You OUT!”  Not exactly, but RINOs we know today, were part of the push to rid themselves of Newt Gingrich, because he would not get out of their way….  When Romney stated with a blast of convincing authority, one of the false charges Gingrich was accused of—as if it was fully proven, when, in fact, it had been officially declared untrue by the appropriate panel of ethics members. 

At that moment, Americans watching the live telecast saw something very interesting in Newt.  Newt very clearly and obviously was so stunned, so deeply astonished to hear this kind of false attack from Mitt, when Newt knew that Romney KNEW better, Newt was simply speechless trying in the few on live camera that he had, to give the definitive response to such a repeated lie—used knowingly, but surely with the concept of “plausible deniability” common in run-of-the-mill politics today.  Indeed Romney simply smiled a fine gentleman's winning smile, a silent kind of steady smile as if inside he was laughing out loud, for having fully, undoubtedly achieved his well-rehearsed intended non-verbal blast on live television, that sent an arrow straight into his opponent’s, now seen as an innocent naïve, and every bit, his true, sincere heart behind Gingrich’s campaign for a renewed Contract With America in 2012.  Romney’s smile with a great radiating direct stare at Gingrich, said very loudly and unspoken in that moment that he had non-plussed Newt Gungrich, and believed he had him in a corner where he could not budge:  "Gotcha!"

Indeed it was Newt's non-plus Romney moment, when he could only stare, stunned to the core, speechless, and disbelieving at Romney. Then the moment passed when the debate proceedings continued without a word of response to Romney from Newt Gingrich.

However, I believe that it was in that very moment, when I personally recognized so very ironically that what I was seeing in Newt Gingrich then, was the unabashed genuine, sincere, well-intended, and even naive quality of Newt Gingrich’s pureness of heart, pureness of a man with all his fingers on the buttons of the great issues facing humanity in America in these times—but who knew well how to play his hand, and now was not the time to carry on that debate again, because it is no longer officially “a debate”; he had been exonerated before the 90s was over.  However, he knew from then forward, this observer believes, that no longer would this be a “team fight” for the Republican Party to come up objectively with the best candidate to win against Obama, or anyone else the Democrats might put up against the GOP.

Newt Gingrich had been blind-sighted again, as he had been after 1995.  Not only was that issue over and gone then, it was revived today for an all new American voter roll, that includes the children of those who voted in Ronald Reagan as U.S. President, and returned Congress in 1995, back over to the Republicans.  The children who are adults today, do not have memory first-hand, and did not study this event of Congress vs. Gingrich for their own personal agendas, so it is a great reason why Romney and Santorum got a foothold in several Primary Elections since Florida.  Our younger generation, in fact, could spin another crucial election in favor of someone, Democrat or Republican, or Independent though unlikely, when the ramifications looming over Election 2012 is loud and clear to people who do remember Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Baby Boomers and Elders do tend most to realize more and more each day that for our times…. Newt Gingrich is the most intelligent, most well-integrated, knowledgeable, broad-based talented individual, made of all the right stuff to get the job done one more time when it will stick now, returning America back again to our Constitutionalist roots.  Our basis lies in the rule of our Supreme Law, our Constitution that designed specifically to protect the American individual citizen from all enemies foreign or domestic, permitting every American the best freedoms of opportunity where everyone can choose the best available path of individual, independent success possible.

Newt was believed to be blown down without a hope of the ability to come back once again, and make it stick this time for the most crucial GOP nomination we have ever faced in all our history.  He’s been doing it—even as the turtle racing the hare.  All those magnificent, successful years working with and against tax policies considered by President Ronald Reagan, and also fighting ferociously against socialist policies of the William Clinton administration, when Newt was Speaker of the House he was a U.S. President in training, and likely didn’t know it himself.  America today is coming to realize, for the 21st Century, Newt Gingrich is a new kind of technological man for all seasons.  From that moment on, when Mitt laughingly non-plused Newt in Florida’s debate, Americans who previously were won over by Newt's own debate performances and campaign townhall meetings, were turned aside by their own personal, naive lack of self-confidence about who they had believed "is" the real Newt Gingrich.

Such uninformed people have not known the history of the 80s under Ronald Reagan's national leadership. Newt Gingrich and countless great numbers of American citizen Constitutionalists realize that what happened to Newt in 1995-96 was part of the same far-leftist radical agenda for America.  Had he become the next U.S. President after Clinton’s failure to go far enough in a socialist direction, Newt Gingrich would have taken it all the way back in a two-term presidency, to our Constitutionalist roots and traditions in government. 1994's midterm election of Congress was a landmark Election. The inability to have leadership power by Constitutionalists traditionally, was all the way from 1929, the last time Republicans had controlled the leadership of Congress. The House and Senate in Election 1994 turned over to GOP leadership in the most powerful take-back of American Constitutionalism ever in modern history.

There was a very significant reason for that in 1994. It was not so unlike the realization of Americans today, who more than ever perhaps in U.S. history know now that our nation has been under siege intending a take-over coup--ever since the Wilson years began in 1930. Election 2012 is considered to be the most crucial turning point in our times, when the U.S. Constitutional rule must be fully re-affirmed once and for all....
Election 1994 was not enough, even though the election results turned over Congress to the traditional Constitutionalists in the Republican Party. Citizen voters who were "the adults" in the room in 1994, did not yet realize America had already been on the road to destruction as a free nation, for decades since 1930 especially.

The great coup against Newt Gingrich as Speaker, was performed by the socialist crowd that had been embedded within the U.S. Congress for decades since the 1930s—was the first great battle won against Constitutionalist America.  It was in setting aside Newt Gingrich in 1995, after Nancy Reagan declared, “… and now Ronnie has passed the torch to Speaker Newt Gingrich,” where under his leadership, the full changeover of Congress was expected to be carried to greater heights for the future of America’s standing as a free nation, governed “of, by and for The People.”  In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan had beat socialist Jimmy Carter’s campaign for a second term, and William Clinton won over George H.W. Bush’s second run for the White House.  Newt Gingrich was there.  He saw it all happening, and as an outstanding Speaker of the House, he was indeed fierce in winning Constitutionalist measures in behalf of America, under both Reagan and Clinton.

However, what we also got in the House and Senate after Newt was gone after 1995, was a Congress replete with “Republicans in Name Only” (RINOs), who had now embedded themselves fairly unnoticed, until there were three separate attempts at “comprehensive immigration reform” legislation.  It was the wake-up call for American citizen Constitutionalists.  American citizens finally took note of what had been really happening within our federal government system since the 1930s.  We became overrun in Congress with individuals from both major political parties, who would not uphold their oaths for preserving Constitutional provisions in the legislation that Congress began producing even under the leadership of Republicans….

The reason for our Congress becoming so overrun by leftist extremists in both major political parties, is that Newt Gingrich was effectively thrown out, even though he had resigned as a gentleman intent on getting on with the people’s business of government; and America was fooled all the way to 2012.  He later was fully, fully exonerated of ALL accusations made by the ethics committee, and still Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum used the old news of lies in order to further their own campaigns for the GOP nomination….  NEWT is BACK.  Had he been free of the stranglehold implemented by specific individuals in Congress now considered to be enemies of America by significant numbers of citizens—Newt would have been the next President after Clinton, this citizen believes, and perhaps the leftist agenda would never have gained such a foothold as we recognize today, is a socialist launch pad into the depths of Marxist dictatorship.  It eventually would create conditions from which America will never be likely to recover again as an independent free nation, without another full-fledged, violent Revolutionary War.

Please listen to this run-down by Peter Ferrara, of Gingrich’s economic plan vs. Obama’s record to date, creating now what is considered to be the worst recession in American history since the Great Depression.  Peter Ferrara, Senior Policy Advisor, presents the detailed facts in the 6+min. video at the link below.  Please check it out, no matter how you may feel about either Romney or Gingrich, because when it’s time to debate Obama, we need a man who is going to have the broad foundational knowledge and experience Gingrich has, in order to defeat Obama soundly, and resoundingly in the November 2012 General Election.

Please do not forget:  Gingrich was stopped from debating Romney, Santorum and Paul, when the three banded together saying that THEY would not participate.  The debate organizers could not go forward with the prior planned debate schedule.  What does this say about Romney and Santorum concerning “any means necessary” to try to win against Newt Gingrich?  After all, enough Americans now know that Newt is the only truly and fully educated scholar, and also is the individual with the essential stringent experience of having dealt with both a Democrat and then a Republican Congress in the 1980s and 1990s under both Reagan and Clinton, where it was his own innate personal knowledge and talent, combined with unique leadership skills which unified the House Republicans and motivated Americans in Election 1994 to give the GOP their first Congressional Majority since 1929….

We need to get back to that place now, with Newt Gingrich as the President of United States of America.  His opponents who falsely scorned him, also refused to put themselves in another debate where Gingrich would nail then to the floor on their policies, no holds barred after the Florida and South Carolina debate!  It’s high time and just in time for America, that what goes around comes around, and Newt’s in it all the way to Tampa, for a great GOP Delegate Win in behalf of and because of all Constitutionalist Americans today—young and old, who do “get it” NOW.  God Bless America!

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